For Autumn Winter 2015 Casely-Hayford draws inspiration from a group of runaways, seeking an alternative existence outside the narrow confines and limitations of modern city life.

The contrasting futurist techno prints of fleece sweats converge with the geometric lines of deconstructed puffas, which are presented as the new leather and nylon “Deflated Down” Jackets.

Chiaroscuro and diffused lines and checks are used to create new gentler contrasts between shades of black, white and grey, juxtaposed with harsh brights: MA1 orange, hot pink and vibrant blue.

Super lightweight, chunky Alpaca and wool oversized hooded knits come with random stitch patterns and effects in a 21st century British play on the seminal Coogi designs.

Chunky knits made in the Donegal Mountains, Ireland, are created in modern patchwork compositions or take the form of the “Crewdigan” – an elongated crew neck pullover cardigan.

This season Casely-Hayford presents three unique collaborations – developing footwear, eyewear as well as moving into the wearable tech arena.

Casely-Hayford (Dover Street Market, 17-18 Dover Street, London W1S 4LT)