Lalique is proud to present a new collaboration with Damien Hirst, one of the most significant contemporary artists of his generation.

René Lalique was both a remarkable craftsman and a bold artist who knew how to apply his expertise to the service of art. With Lalique entering a new phase of development and modernization, they’ve decided to open up the crystal works to new artists, to offer a new perspective, new formal possibilities and renewed creative inspiration to some exceptional talents.

Eternal_Beauty_Ambre-Amber[Eternal Beauty Amber]

consists of a collection of exquisite, limited edition crystal panels. The panels are available in three series – Love, Hope and Beauty – that each depicts a different butterfly and comes in twelve different colour-ways. The rectangular shapes can be displayed in numerous ways such as being mounted on an easel; framed and hung across a wall partition or insert into a wall.

“It’s amazing being able to use all the expert craftsmanship […] of Lalique for something new, and the results are beyond all my expectations.” – Damien Hirst.

ETERNAL_BEAUTY_NoirPlatine-BlackPlatinium[Eternal Beauty Black Platinium]

The butterfly is one of Hirst’s most enduring and recognisable motifs. Since the late 1980s, the insect has repeatedly featured in his work as a symbol of both the beauty and fragility of life.

Discussing the collaboration, Hirst explains: “I’ve always loved crystal and it’s both beautiful and difficult to work with, so I’m really excited about the project. It’s amazing being able to use all the expert craftsmanship and incredible history of Lalique for something new, and the results are beyond all my expectations. I love that the panels have an almost religious feel, they make you think of stained glass windows which I’ve always adored, it’s the way they manage to capture colour and light so completely and then throw it back out at you.”


This exceptional collaboration between Damien Hirst and Lalique has succeeded in crystallising time, in capturing not only the mysterious beauty of the butterfly, but all that it has come to symbolise.

The three variations of panel, entitled Beauty, Love and Hope, are available in twelve different colours. Limited edition of 50 of each colour + 3 A.P. + 3 H.C.

Eternal_Hope_BleuClair-LightBlue[Eternal Hope Light Blue]

Each panel has the artist’s signature engraved on the bottom right-hand corner, is numbered and comes complete with a signed edition certificate.

ETERNAL_HOPE_IncoloreOr-ClearGold[Eternal Hope Clear Gold]

The panels can be displayed in a number of ways, for example: mounted on an easel; framed and hung across a wall partition; or inset into a wall.

Lalique (42 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YP)