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The Authentic Collection for AW16 comprises 25-pieces, which are all made in Great Britain and features his classic styles such as the Antarctic Parka and Mallory and Cameraman jackets.

Manufactured using heritage fabrics such as Harris Tweed, Ventile®, wools and oilcloths with a colour story this season of Army Green, Black Navy, Vintage Orange, Charcoal and Royal Air Force Blue.

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Amongst our favourite that Cabourn introduced us to was a dry wax finished ‘Hybrid’ Harris Tweed, which has been specially developed by him for AW16  in collaboration with waxed fabric specialists, Halley Stevenson.

Four designs feature this new fabric – two brand new styles, a single breasted overcoat and a 1930s Sherpa Jacket, both featuring detachable hoods and a Cameraman Jacket and Vest.

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Nigel Cabourn said: “This new and updated version of our Cameraman Jacket and Vest, using two colours of Ventile on the top with vintage orange inside, has also inspired our new Converse collaboration Chuck Taylor boot for AW16. It’s the first time we’ve used the same concept and inspiration for clothing and footwear to create a whole look.”


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AW16 also sees the growth of Cabourn’s work wear line Lybro, the British heritage brand he bought ‘off the shelf’ about three years ago.  For this season Nigel has built Lybro into a 25-piece stand-alone collection.

Made using high quality British and Japanese fabrics and trims, designs for this season are based on classic British workwear worn in ammunition factories in both World Wars and by workers at this time such as post and railwaymen.

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As ever with Nigel Cabourn fabrics are key and this collection is no exception.  For the first time he has introduced a British industrial oilcloth to this line, developed in an ‘old vintage orange’ inspired from a 1930s duster coat.

Other fabrics include a hardwearing and rough work wear basic wool, a hydrant work wear blue denim worn traditionally by rail and factory workers, heavy canvas and jersey sweat. Outerwear, jackets, pants, shirts, branded sweat, dungarees, a traditional style boiler suit and an oilcloth cap complete this collection.

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Nigel Cabourn said:“It’s been a long held ambition of mine to develop a collection, which is all about celebrating work wear and doing it by breathing new life into this famous British work wear label fits perfectly with my passion for heritage and history.

I hope that this collection, which has all the Cabourn DNA but is accessible at a different price point to Authentic, will appeal to a new, younger customer.”

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Taking primary inspiration from military sportswear used for basic training during WW2, The Army Gym for AW16 features six pieces of functional jersey sweats that have a heritage look and feel and made using specially developed fabrics.

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This range, which is manufactured in heavy cotton jersey, features tees, hoody, gym pants and branded sweatshirts.

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Cabourn said: “It’s old school training gear, inspired by vintage military training gear and by sports like football, boxing and table tennis – the story is on the label in each garment.  

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It’s not technical sports wear, we’ve made it using 100% cotton but the sweatshirt has been specially developed for this collection, it’s fantastic quality and we’ve used classic colours of navy, white and oatmeal mix ”

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Nigel Cabourn is available to buy from The Army Gym, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8NA