Edward Green
Edward Green are launching a new last at their Harrod’s pop-up shop.

They’ll be showcasing the 890 chisel-toed last in the Harrod’s mens’ shoe department for the next few weeks. Their display is illustrated with vignettes from the ‘Edward Green landscape’ – a work by artist Adam Dant on the world of Edward Green and the English gentleman.

Edward Green 1

Jermyn Street: Edward Green- Pop-up Shop at Harrods

Their last-maker has carefully evolved their chisel-toed last, bringing extra definition to the side profile and nose. Like the 888 before it, the 890 is based on the proportions of the 202, ensuring that classic Edward Green fit. But by accentuating the waist, the shoe is both more elegant and supportive.

Edward Green 3[Newbury, Ashton, Shelton, Laughton]

Each shoe selected to showcase the 890 draws attention to the clarity of it’s sculpted lines. None more so than their wholecut – the Newbury, made from a single cut of the finest calfskin. The Ashton is a new single strap monk; the Laughton, an Adelaide oxford; and the Shelton, their elegant three eyelet derby.

They will be launching the 890 last from their own Jermyn Street store from the first week of November.

Edward Green (75 Jermyn St, London SW1Y 6NP)