‘ISLAY Eau de Parfum’ is a marriage between Floris, the British perfume house, and Kilchoman, Islay’s first new distillery in over a century. The new fragrance is inspired by the tasting notes and deep flavours of the rich amber liquor. Not to mention the beautiful island itself. Floris x Kilchoman is a nod to the trend for contemporary whisky drinking.

Jermyn Street Journal were lucky enough to attend an exclusive preview of Floris’ latest creation, in partnership with Kilchoman whisky. Attending the event this week, we were introduced to the fragrance through an experiential cocktail masterclass and tasting. The featured cocktail echoed the pleasantly pungent woody notes that are present upon first smelling ‘Islay’.

[Floris Islay]

Floris also delved into the fascinating history of the brand and the extreme lengths they went to travel to Islay for this unique partnership with Kilchoman whisky. A partnership that stretches across the British Isles from North to South, culminated in the perfect blend of smoky whisky and subtle vanilla warmth.

Off the west coast of Scotland lies the remote island of Islay, which is described as the Queen of the Hebrides. An outcrop of Scotland where the wind sweeps across the mosslands and rugged gorse and the refreshing sea spray dances across the barley fields.

With its stunning scenery, rich cultural history and world-renowned distilleries producing the finest peaty, smoky whiskies that are enjoyed all over the world.


In 2017, Edward Bodenham, 9th generation of British family perfumers Floris, explored this coveted island after developing a scent based around a single peaty fragrance accord. This exploration led to, ‘Islay’ Eau de Parfum.

Floris x Kilchoman is a marriage of Floris, the quintessentially British perfume house, and Kilchoman, Islay’s rst new distillery in over a century. Allowing Edward full access to the creation process of Kichoman’s now famed whisky collection created the perfect backdrop to develop a unique and authentic fragrance.

[Floris Islay 1/150]

The unisex scent pays homage to the ora of the romantic and isolated Islay and to the wonderful whisky that the Kilchoman family have lovingly produced on the island since 2005. Inspired by the tasting notes and deep flavours of the rich amber liquor, as well as the beautiful island itself, Floris x Kilchoman is a nod to the trend for contemporary whisky drinking.


Earthy green top notes of galbanum bring to mind the wild, windswept gorse hedgerows of Islay complimented by bergamot, which highlights the Machir Bay whisky’s initial citrus character. Orris adds a smooth and soft oral note found in the ‘100% Islay’ whisky blend whilst adding balance to the rich, rugged peaty accord of cade oil and patchouli which is a prominent facet of the scent, representing the signature peaty note of both the ‘Machir Bay’ and ‘100% Islay’ blends. Amber brings a glowing warmth and a soft fruitiness, whilst cedarwood adds extra character and depth interpreting the important process of the whisky’s maturing casks within the final distillation. Finally the deep base notes of musk, sandalwood and vanilla add a satisfying warmth, longevity and roundness to the fragrance.

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