Oliver Sweeney Comporta Grey & Burgandy
Food and shoes. What’s not to like? Oliver Sweeney love both, and cooking and shoemaking are more alike than one may think. Both multi-sensory experiences, chefs are just as particular as shoemakers, sourcing only the richest and finest colours, textures and flavours to complement their main ingredients.

Oliver Sweeney Loriga Navy
The very best are not afraid to challenge conventional methods and preparations to reach a further threshold of flavour and experience and this is something that greatly inspired Oliver Sweeney for this Autumn/Winter ’14 collection.

Oliver Sweeney Gargano Blue
The variety, pattern, texture, colour and composition of food influenced both the design process and the concept of this season’s campaign shoot. Oliver Sweeney sought to emphasise key features and details on the shoes with complementing food types that brought out even the most finite of details, to showcase the craft and quality of each design. The striking reds and silvers on rainbow trout, seabass, lobster and crab, pulled out the vibrancy of the shoes in heir Compass Collection.

Oliver Sweeney Hasketon Burgandy
Handfuls of blackberries and raspberries emphasised scotch grain leathers on their Goodyear welted styles, whilst peppercorns, in a variety of different sizes, were scattered to resemble the punching detail seen on their brogues. Chunky fillets of beef, cooked rare and full of depth, texture and toughness on the outside, were also a great representation of the masculinity of their heavy soled blucher styles. Similarly,they emphasised the sophistication of their Italian blake sewn range with steak onglets, often considered the most premium cut of meat, for their striking pattern, colour and flavour.

Oliver Sweeney Hawnby Navy
With each shoe and every shot they were incredibly thorough and specific with their choice of foods, selecting only the highest quality cuts of meats and picking vegetables like aubergines and beetroots in their most delectable states. They also used some of our Cobbler-in-Chief’s grandad’s original shoe tools across the shoot, particularly for their wholecut styles, to demonstrate their commitment to still using some of the industry’s oldest, yet finest, methods of shoe construction and cutting techniques.

Oliver Sweeney Welburn Black & Brown

The Oliver Sweeney store is only a short walk from Jermyn Street and it’s well worth a visit.

Oliver Sweeney (5 Conduit Street, W1S 2XD)