Fortnum & Mason create the Chotch Egg

This Easter, Fortnum & Mason has created the ultimate Easter hybrid in the form of the ‘Chotch Egg.’ Think half Scotch Egg, half Easter Egg – the Chotch Egg is the world’s first gourmet chocolate scotch egg and combines two of Fortnum & Mason’s best loved products.

Expertly crafted by Fortnum & Mason Executive Chef, Sydney Aldridge, the gastronomic delight features a free-range egg with a vibrant orange yolk, wrapped in the finest British outdoor-reared Venison and 55% Valrhona dark chocolate, infused with Juniper berries.

It is finished with a crisp layer of homemade breadcrumbs.

Fortnum & Mason create the 'Chotch Egg'

The legend is that Fortnum & Mason invented the ‘scotched’ egg over 250 years ago in 1738, as a specialty food for travellers.

At that time, Fortnum’s hampers were almost exclusively created for people going on long coach journeys; Piccadilly boasted lots of coaching inns at that time, and customers would order baskets of things to keep them going for the first day or two. It was called ‘scotched’, as this implied something was done to it.

Fortnum & Mason Create the Chotch Egg

Commenting on the Chotch Egg, Executive Chef Sydney Aldridge said: “Fortnum & Mason created the Scotch Egg over 250 years ago, and now we’re very excited to bring the world the ‘Chotch Egg’.  The greatest challenge was getting the combination of the chocolate and the venison just right. Initially appreciating the finest savoury Scotch Egg, the dark chocolate and Juniper slowly complements the gamey flavour perfectly, leaving you with a rich taste on the palette.  We’re confident our customers will love our latest creation.”

The Chotch Egg will be available for a limited period over Easter from 31 March to 06 April in Fortnum’s Wine Bar and the Lower Ground Floor Food Hall.

Fortnum & Mason (181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER)