In men, the signs of ageing occur later and more gradually than in women, but once they do appear wrinkles are deeper and thickening features may be more noticeable. In addition, men’s skin is thicker, oilier and more acidic. It is more vascularised, resulting in the appearance of redness. Finally, it is subject to more frequent attacks of irritation caused by the harsh effects of daily shaving.

The Global Anti-Ageing response – for men – from Sisley.

Rather than create a range, Sisley chose to develop a global product capable of fulfilling all functions and responding to all the skin’s needs.

[Sisleÿum by Sisley. 50 ml £165.00]

[Sisleÿum by Sisley]

With Sisleÿum, Sisley provides a global anti-ageing, revitalising, aftershave solution designed specifically for men’s skin, and offers a unique, complete treatment which acts on:

. Moisturising and nutrition
. Repair / anti-razor burn action
. Mattness / anti-shine action
. Energy and vitality / anti-stress, anti-fatigue effect
. Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Sisleÿum should be applied morning and/or evening as required to clean skin. Masculine, elegant and simple, the 2 gun metal stainless steel cylindrical bottles have different colour rings on top of the product to differentiate the texture: black for the gel version and white for the cream version.

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