Karl Dunkley Grosvenor Shirts Jermyn Street
Jermyn Street Journal exclusively interviewed Karl to discuss being one of the last true British shirt makers left, the Royal Warrant and the future.

JSJ: The company strapline for Grosvenor Shirts is “Exclusively British” explain what you mean by this?

KD: ‘There are many brands in the UK that give the impression that they are British, but have their entire collection made overseas. 90% of our collection is made in our own factory in the UK and we only will add products that complement our collection from Europe, if we are unable to source them form the UK’

JSJ: How important is it for Grosvenor to own a UK factory?

KD: ‘Having our own factory is a great advantage, we can control the quality and we have recently just invested in many new machines to improve the quality even more. We are able to produce exclusive ranges in small quantities, giving greater exclusivity to our customers. We are able to support our retail stores and website by making products in very short time scale’

JSJ: How involved are you with creating the collections?

KD: ‘I am less involved in the design process since Juan joined the company in 2004, he has a great understanding of our customers needs and requirements’

JSJ: Grosvenor Shirts was Granted a Royal Warrant last year. How did this make you feel and was it a long time coming?

KD: ‘I am extremely thrilled to receive such a prestigious mark of recognition and we are honoured to supply HM The Queen’

JSJ: Aside from Her Majesty are there any other famous clients?

KD: ‘We do sell to a wide range of customers, celebrities and other Royal families from around the world. However, we do not comment on who there are or what the buy’

JSJ: Last year you moved from Mayfair to Jermyn Street. Was this something you had planned for a long time?

KD: ‘We have always been interested in a location on Jermyn Street, and with the new plans that The Crown Estate have for the Street and surrounding area, the time was right for us to re locate’

JSJ: You have recently added a blazer and chino collection, tell me how this came about?

KD: ‘The addition of the chino’s and blazers has enabled us to complete the full outfit, we have been working for the last year on design the perfect silhouette for our customer. Developing new products always takes much longer than we all think’

JSJ: Where do you see Grosvenor Shirts in ten years time?

KD: ‘At present we have four overseas franchise stores in Africa and we expect to open more around the world. We are already looking at China and Japan. The new website has started extremely well and this will continue to grow. New product will be added to enhance the collection’

Grosvenor Shirts Jermyn Street
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