– Michel Perry, Artistic director, J.M. Weston2015_10_12_JM_WESTON_PLATES_172_C_V2 100

J.M. Weston’s iconic 180 loafer, worn by the dandies of La Bande du Drugstore, as well as Presidents, businessmen and artists, J.M. Weston’s iconic 180 loafer, is brilliantly timeless. Michel Perry, free thinker and Artistic Director of the house, wanted to pay tribute to this epitome of French elegance by creating a fellow traveller: Le Moc’ Weston.2015_10_12_JM_WESTON_04_029_C_V2 100COLLECTION LE MOC’ WESTON

Le Moc‘ Weston has taken direct inspiration from the last of its elder brother, the iconic mocassin 180. The key component of this style, the last was developed in the J.M. Weston workshops after more than two years of research. It is unique through its ability to bring supple skins to life and hold them in place.

J.M. Weston Orange Boxcalf (side)

Raised at the toe and thickened on the forefoot, it compensates for the lack of reinforcements with clearer last edges, giving structure to the leather in spite of its flexibility. Finally, a raised stiffener takes the upper up to the Achilles’ heel to keep the heel in place. Re-patterned, the upper is designed to remain close to the foot.

J.M. Weston Yellow Boxcalf (above)

The lines of the shoe move up along the heel, the quarters surround the foot, holding it in place, and the tip points proudly with its raised stance. The side stitching on the strap has been removed for improved comfort and flexibility, and more subtle contact with the instep. Unique and untouchable, the apron is the only feature to remain completely unchanged from the original mocassin 180. The proud, elegant edge of the jointed and stitched sides is still recognisable, as are the precision of its sharp lines and the insolence of its tip. Crafted in leather, the sole is fitted with a rubber insert through an expert artisanal technique which straps up the cut edges.

J.M. Weston Grey Suede (side)

The lowered heel relaxes the step and brings it closer to the ground. The natural hue of the leather has been chosen to enhance the vibrant colours of the upper and inject a breath of fresh, sandy air into this summer shoe. For summer 2016, le Moc‘ Weston is not strictly for man. The collection is enriched by a version dedicated to women, in dierent colors from those of man. Available in various shades and leathers, le Moc‘ Weston is also available by special order in l J.M. Weston stores.The collection will be available from their Jermyn Street flagship store from March, 2016.

J.M Weston (60 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6LX)