For this season, Carlo Brandelli’s design work and creative direction for Kilgour focuses on showing ‘all the work’ in the new presentation.


‘’The entire set of several hundred paper patterns pieces is shown along side the actual tailoring collection, so in one bespoke space you have the design work, every actual pattern piece that the collection is made from, and of course this seasons pieces.


The design and craft sit side by side in one space, a transparent presentation of all the work that goes into a single season, presented as the ‘collection’ in every sense.The idea is a simple one, to show a literal and very direct link between craft and design.


Each of the several hundred pattern pieces were re cut out by hand using old traditional translucent draughting paper, this type of material would have been commonly used by architectural practices for drawings. As the pattern is a ‘draft’ for the design, it made sense to use this material as the foundation for the idea.’’ Carlo Brandelli 2016

Kilgour  (5 Savile Row, London W1S 3PB)