[Tiramisu – Venchi’s latest addition to the chocolate family]

Founded in 1878 by Silviano Venchi, the family owned business is passionate about chocolate in all its forms from nougat and pralines to gelato as well as hot chocolate  and chocolate spreads all made with the most wholesome ingredients. Inspired by 140 years of Italian legacy, Venchi crafts its chocolates in the unique Piedmont style, which earned the region its name of the “birthplace of Italian chocolate.” Ingredients such as Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and Sicilian pistachios reflect the story and Italian heritage of artisanal chocolate making, which has been passed down through each generation.

The addition of two new chocolates, ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Suprema’ will expand Venchi’s existing brand portfolio of more than 350 exquisitely delicious chocolate products and 90 luscious flavours of gelato. The new ‘Tiramisu Chocolate’ celebrates the most popular and well known Italian dessert around the world. The decadent praline and layers of coffee and creamy mascarpone are carefully topped with Venezuelan cocoa, known for its aromatic and intense flavour.

[Venchi’s Suprema]

The ‘Suprema Chocolate’ features a soft centre made from Suprema chocolate spread encased by a shell of milk chocolate. The shell is made with 47% Venezuelan cocoa, adding to the rich taste and texture that Venchi is known for. Using carefully selected ingredients from only the very best suppliers, Venchi sources pistachios and almonds from Sicily, olive oil from Ligurian Riviera and uses the finest Cocoa plantations in Ecuador, Venezueland Peru. Chocolate products made in the Venchi Piedmont factory are free from gluten and palm oil. The gelato uses fresh milk and is made on site each  day by a trained gelato maker in store. The gelato is made from a balanced recipe of high quality ingredients and is also free from chemical flavourings, colourings and hydrogenated fats.

Venchi’s menu also features an array of seasonal sorbet flavours, including tropical flavours of coconut and pineapple for the summer. Making no compromises, Venchi is focused on delivering premium ingredients, using the finest raw materials and balanced recipes to bring its core values of tradition and joy to life. Venchi’s motto “To allow everybody, every day, to enjoy a simple and genuine moment of real pleasure, apiece of the Italian lifestyle,” is a true embodiment of the Italian lifestyle. Following the unprecedented success of Venchi in Italy, the first brick and mortar store opened in 2000. Today, Venchi is a growing international company with locations in 70 countries and key cities including New York, Dubai and Hong Kong.  Venchi is found in the most luxurious locations in the world and can be found in four London locations: South Kensington, King’s Road, Hampstead and the recently renovated Covent Garden store, which reopened its doors on 1 July, unveiling its newly refreshed décor and design to the public


Find the store located at: 18, Henrietta St, London WC2E 8RB

Explore the chocolate range: http://www.venchi.com/uk/