Pic 1[Charles Jeffrey pictured right]

“Maison Mais Non’s inaugural exhibition is both exciting and apt. The combination of creativity and craftsmanship is what London is about. Both the collaboration and combination of the two is brilliant. It’s a wonderful start for such an enterprising and philanthropic gallery as Maison Mais Non.”

Lucinda Chambers, Fashion Director at British VOGUE

Charles Jeffrey x Chittleborough & Morgan[Charles Jeffrey x Chittleborough & Morgan]

Maison Mais Non is London’s first independent fashion gallery. It provides a platform for the very best in emerging talent, with profits being reinvested into continued support of this talent.

A collective of exceptional designers, photographers and videographers will unite for each exhibition to develop a powerful curatorial experience.

Pic 2[Hayley Grundmann]

Operating under the umbrella of The Soho Revue, Maison Mais Non will work closely with The Revue Gallery to ensure that fashion transcends its normal commercial imperatives to reach the level of fine art.

Hayley Grundmann & Anderson Sheppard[Hayley Grundmann x Anderson Sheppard]

Maison Mais Non is opening at an incredibly exciting time, with the Save Soho movement and the re-location of Fashion Week from Somerset House to Brewer Street, Soho is changing rapidly and this gallery space will bring to light new, young designers from across the globe.

Following Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition and the Hermes ‘Wanderland’ exhibition there seems to be an appetite for presenting fashion in a gallery setting.

Masha Reva x Kathryn Sargent[Masha Reva x Kathryn Sargent]

Their first exhibition, “Artist:Artisan” will be a collaborative exhibition between the 2015 graduates of the Central Saint Martin’s MA in Fashion and the tailors of Savile Row, which represents the world’s most prestigious young designers and the most prestigious artisans to execute this design.

The four selected designers will each work with their own tailoring house to create a unique look. Each look will be exhibited alongside two supporting pieces: one that is pure CSM, the other pure Savile Row.

Krystyna Kozhoma x Richard Anderson[Krystyna Kozhoma x Richard Anderson]

Charles Jeffrey (designer) and Chittleborough & Morgan (tailor), Hayley Grundmann (designer) and Anderson & Sheppard (tailor), Krystyna Kozhoma (designer) and Richard Anderson (tailor) and finally Masha Reva (designer) and Kathryn Sargent (tailor).

The exposition of these works will highlight the creative relationship between designer and tailor in order to make the narrative of their hybrid pieces visible.

The exhibition, Artist:Artisan, was formed under the creative direction of Micheál Neeson, who has previously worked at Chittleborough & Morgan on Savile Row and under Phoebe Philo at Céline.

Jess Draper, with her extensive gallery experience, will provide further academic scope to the exhibition, having completed a BA in History of Art and an MA in History of Dress at The Courtauld. She will be a regular contributor to the fashion section of the Soho Revue magazine.

The creation of the Artist:Artisan pieces will be documented with videography and images by noted photographer, Toby Knott, whose work will complement the exhibition.

The evolution of the pieces will be distilled into beautiful photographic stills and video installations, which will support the narrative of the designer-tailor collaboration, as well as challenging perspectives on how fashion is viewed by reimagining the process through alternative mediums to create self-contained works of art.

Maison Mais Non (14 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DP)