Ahead of Chestertons Polo in the Park, McLaren Racing Driver, Euan Hankey, swapped horsepower for the day with England polo player and La Martina ambassador, George Meyrick. This short film reveals what happened when the two sport stars switched roles for the day.


After a brief introduction to the two ‘engines’, which presents the beautiful McLaren Sports Series 570S parked at the Top Gear Track in Dunsfold, and Mickey the Polo Pony who lives at Ash Farm in Surrey, Hankey, who had not been on a horse since he was seven years-old, saddled up aboard Mickey to have his first polo lesson. Looking nervous, he sat on the pony and said with a quiver in his voice;

“What’s your throttle pedal here, how do you make it go? I have not been on a horse in a really long time, hope you are not trying to stich me up here!” Which was followed by a nervous giggle from Meyrick Hankey continued “remember I can stitch you up later when we are in the car”

A switch to the Top Gear track and competitive Hankey is firmly in the driver’s seat “now it’s time for me to show you how it’s done”

Meyrick’s response, not too optimistic, “That’s fine but please don’t make me feel too sick”

The action continues as fast ponies and fast cars feature heavily, did Hankey get stitched up? Was Meyrick sick? Watch and find out.

For those wanting a giggle make sure you don’t miss what happens at 1.04 and for those that love McLarens and all their glory, you will want to watch right until the end.

La Martina (23 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6ST)