If there were a rule about travel, it would imply returning from abroad renewed in the spirit of the mind. For this collection La Martina draws inspiration from a journey comprising of several stopovers.

The theme of this journey, which represents the leitmotif of La Martina Spring/Summer 2017 collection, points to the collection’s progression conceived for the polo player and his wardrobe, on and off the playing field. A polo player’s daily life revolves around his quest for victory around the globe, by actively participating in tournaments, games and events held at several polo club houses, whose dress code reflects the host country’s customs and traditions.

A Mediterranean cruise serves as an inspiration for the next season’s collection calling at Barcelona, Capri, St. Tropez and Santorini. This journey is a real sensory experience through colours, scents, landscapes and cultural heritage, as seen in the collection’s bright dyes, light textures, prints and exclusive graphic patterns.

La Martina SS17 collection comprises of four different lines, ranging from daily wear, casual wear to formal wear, while following two macro-themes: Lifestyle (semi-formal- and formal wear) and Polo Player (sportswear):

Colección Privada – formal wear for special occasions – a line that exudes an allure of Mediterranean effortless elegance imbued with irresistible magnetism that draws inspiration from an international landscape

Polo Player – the smart casual core of the collection, faithful to the values of the equestrian sport of polo, to dress both polo players and their audience

Guards – representing the epitome of Royal British style historically related to La Martina and especially to Guards Polo Club’s officers ceremonial uniforms.

Maserati – a capsule collection released in partnership with Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer Maserati.

LIFESTYLE  – a journey across the Mediterranean

The leitmotif of La Martina Spring/Summer 2017 stems from a journey across the Mediterranean Sea, on a cruise combining four different destinations, which explore different moods. Lifestyle macro-theme culminates in the presentation of Colección Privada capsule collection.

Colección Privada

The intimate core of the collection features only a small number of pieces suitable for virtually every possible polo-related occasion throughout the day: from cocktail parties to post-match celebrations and formal events in the Royal Box. With its Latin twist and a warmer approach to style, this collection sets a new standard of self-aware beauty and effortless elegance. 


With historical gems preserved in local museums, architectural wonders glittering in the sunlight and its bright colours evoking the liveliness of the beach and its streets, Barcelona, a unique example of contrasts, art and cultural heritage, is the inspiration behind La Martina menswear collection, featuring natural nuances of sand and deep green as well as intense black, white and navy blue, with splashes of red, along with denim details as well as geometric and floral prints.

La Martina Spring/Summer 2017 womenswear collection boasts vivid and vibrant hues and patterns inspired by Gaudi, his unique architectural works and Parc Güell’s stunning tiling. Both mens- and womenswear collections convey an urban feel with carefree and original accents that mirror the exuberance and uniqueness of the beating heart of Catalonia.

Capri and St. Tropez

The jagged coastline of the Sorrentina Peninsula is the starting point of a journey through the light-hearted beauty of Southern Italy’s natural landscapes. Capri is a pageant of contrasts, rocks and blue sea, typical fresco-painted houses and sumptuous villas, Mediterranean scrub and striking ceramic tiles and majolica. The journey continues north, en route to St. Tropez and its picturesque cobbled lanes, jet setting celebrities and quaint market stalls. The collection soaks up the ease and verve that so well defined the sophisticated lifestyle of a bon viveur in the 1960s. Cote d’Azur-inspired white and navy blue stripy marinière style makes a huge comeback along with lurex, yellow, green and fuchsia accents, particular majolica prints by incorporating the beauty of Capri and painted tiles in fashion designs. 


Calling at the Cyclades Archipelago on the last leg of our Mediterranean cruise, a final stopover in Santorini represents the end of this journey, surrounded by the whiteness of its uniquely shaped buildings against the deep blue hues of the sea. The theme here morphs into a collection of fresh lightness, featuring floaty and weightless designs; delicate textiles; cerulean blue and pure white embellished with romantic embroidered details, subtle appliques and majolica prints. Cotton and linen, shirts and lightweight jumpers to pull off a perfect beachwear ensemble, with references to the classic polo shirt, a staple piece of La Martina collection.

POLO PLAYER – a sporty twist to La Martina collection

Polo Player represents that part of La Martina’s essence gravitating around a passion for sports. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection boasts an urban feel and finds its fullest expression in a London-based outdoors event that goes by the name of Polo in the Park.

The iconic polo shirts reference the various teams’ flag colours and evoke different qualities according to each colour palette: strengths from Madrid’s black and red, grandeur from London’s blue and red, majesty from New York’s white, red and blue, and brightness from Buenos Aires’ white and light blue. The latest addition to the label is a second capsule collection featuring sporty pieces with an urban feel as well as iconic polo shirts, jumpers and bombers characterised by particular colour combinations such as optic white and shades of grey. Crafted from pique fabrics, nylon and sheer textiles with dyed nylon fine mesh and zip details in contrasting fluo hues, these essential items feature graphic prints in matching shades, marble patterns and contrasting prints made of reflective materials.

GUARDS – total white for a military-inspired collection 

Guards was conceived to celebrate the strong bond between the UK and Argentina and their mutual passion for the equestrian sport of polo. The label draws inspiration from Guards Polo Club, most closely associated with the British Royal family, and shows influences of styles and ideals that epitomise the values of polo, as promoted by La Martina.

The collection takes cue from the Queen’s Guards and the uniforms of the British Army as represented by gold and silver embroidered details. The Spring/Summer 2017 palette introduces an element of novelty replacing last season’s black and khaki with total white, while maintaining iconic embroidery. Optic white hues are softened by the effects of light play produced by silver jacquard fabrics and breezy silver embroidered voile for Her, whereas for Him, white hues remain the undisputed protagonist along with new patches, metallic embroidered details, heraldic patterns and embellished jacquard designs.

MASERATI – a sport-related creative partnership

La Martina renovates its creative partnership with Maserati by launching a new capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2017. Both brands epitomises a fondness for sports that complements that particular lifestyle usually accompanying the sport of polo, along with tokens of pure sophistication such as exclusive travel destinations and events, besides a penchant for horses and sports cars, of course.

Borrowing from technology, evolution is the leitmotif of Maserati as represented by smart fabrics such as Aluminia, a material produced in Italy that features characteristics similar to those of a space suit. Aluminium fibres incorporated in the fabrics have high reflective and thermo regulation properties, keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter. Crafted from this innovative material applied to pique fabrics and nylon, respectively, the collection includes two exclusive polo shirts and a bicolour outdoors jacket featuring technical mesh, thermo-applique details and a new logo, evoking the concepts of motion and geometry. The waterproof jacket’s heat-sealed shoulders and cuffs provide protection from the elements.

A double-layer jumper with front zip detail and stretch cotton bermuda shorts complete this exclusive capsule collection, along with slim fit button down shirts in stretch cotton featuring the embroidered logo and contrast collar pique polo shirts in white and blue with holographic details.

La Martina (23 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6ST)