[Baudoin & Lange – Sagan Loafers ]

Some of the world’s hidden gems in menswear will be coming to Savile Row at the end of February, when a pop-up shop opens on the street.Curated by author Simon Crompton, the shop will feature luxury, sartorial menswear brands that are either normally only available online, or only have shops abroad. Simon Crompton is a writer and author, and founder of PermanentStyle.com – one of the most authoritative and longest-running voices on sartorial style advice in the world. He is the author of four books, most recently The Finest Menswear in the World.

[The Hanger Project -Hangers]

The menswear brands will include handmade accessories, luxury knitwear and fine tailoring. A series of bespoke European artisans will also visit the shop for trunk shows during its tenure.

The shop will be open from Friday, February 24th until Saturday, March 11th. Entitled ‘Permanent Style presents’ after Crompton’s long-running blog, it will also feature a series of his books and collaborations.

The brands on permanent show will be:

Drake’s (clothing and accessories)
Fox Brothers (cloth)
Baudoin & Lange
The Armoury (clothing and leather goods)
Begg & Co (scarves)
Codis Maya (enamel cufflinks)
General Eyewear (bespoke and vintage glasses)
Girdwood (clothing and accessories)
The Hanger Project (hangers and shoecare)
Luca Faloni (knitwear and shirts)
Permanent Style (books, shirts and knitwear)

[Fox Brothers – Cloth]

On the opening weekend, Italian bespoke shoemaker Stefano Bemer will be holding its trunk show, to be followed by other artisans during the fortnight. The shop will be open 10am-6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, with the addition of late opening times during trunk shows – and by appointment.