MG flagship store Piccadilly London
MG has opened a prestigious multi-million pound flagship dealership in the heart of London’s Piccadilly.

The exclusive showroom, next to The Royal Academy of Arts and directly opposite Fortnum & Mason, is one of the most sought-after retail locations in the world.

MG’s showroom will become a centre of excellence for the iconic 91-year-old brand which is Britain’s fastest growing marque. This is the latest and most significant move in a major expansion of new MG dealerships across the country.

MG’s Piccadilly showroom will become one of the most important centres of excellence for MG, a brand that now sells in more than 40 countries globally and is instantly recognizable as an icon of great British design and engineering.


The six-car showroom is housed in a seven-storey Georgian-fronted building at 47/48 Piccadilly and  incorporates a state of the art showroom with interactive media centre so customers can configure their own car.  As part of the investment, totaling almost £30-million, the building has been sympathetically refurbished and substantially upgraded to accommodate the MG showroom.

The whole of the historic building, just 400yds from Piccadilly Circus, is much closer to the landmark statue of Eros than Audi’s flagship showroom. It will give MG an extremely prestigious display showroom in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Marketing, said: “This really is a fabulous central London location where the City of Westminster and the West End theatreland merge. It shows that MG is really back and is becoming a major force again in the British automotive industry. This address is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after international locations and we can’t wait to do business from there.”

Cheyne said that the choice of the prime address in the heart of the nation’s capital was highly significant. He added: “If anyone had any doubts about MG’s commitment to the future, this is a hugely positive statement that MG is back and here to stay. This is a very significant investment by MG and we are immensely proud of this fantastic showroom. You simply could not get a more prestigious location in Britain.”

MG Motor UK (47-48 Piccadilly, London W1J 0DT)