A new art exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery has unveiled a striking portrait of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The painting, by renowned Chinese artist Jin Feng, is part of a new exhibition that captures the relationship between the UK and China. Feng’s painting features Thatcher on the cover of Time magazine over the headline “Britain’s Fighting Lady”. The artist is a great admirer of the former Tory leader.

Following on from the successful President Xi State Visit to the UK, the Chinese New Art Solo Exhibition Series was launched at the Gallery last night.

The exhibition series comprises of three solo exhibitions: Shen Qibin’s Backyard Garden hosted by the British academic consultant David Elliott; Jin Feng’s The Door anchored by the Chinese academic consultant Du Xiyun and Guan Ce’s The Tao of Bird presented by the American academic consultant Gary Xu.

Jin Feng believes the painting will be hugely popular with visitors. He said: “ Given that it is my first exhibition in Britain, I wanted to pay homage to one of your greatest and iconic leaders of the 20th century.”

Saatchi Gallery, Duke Of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, London SW3 4RY