Recently we headed to the Haymarket Hotel for an exclusive health and wellness briefing hosted by Solgar UK and Ireland vitamins.

At the event, wellness experts came together to discuss Solgar®’s approach to achieving your fitness potential, including nutritionist Paul Chamberlain, celebrity personal trainer Laura Williams and bodybuilding champion turned yoga and fitness guru, Matthew Miller. With New Year fitness resultitions it was a great change to see how supplements, vitamins and lifestyle changes can help to boost exercise and athletic performance.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of people signing up for personal fitness challenges. Whether it’s running marathons, or joining the gym, research suggests that the UK fitness industry is in very good health. Consumer spending on UK gym membership soared by 44% in the last year, and an increased interest in cycling, park runs and open water swimming, plus the huge popularity of technology such as fitness trackers and apps, suggests that Brits are now more active than ever. However, this uplift in in physical activity also means an increase in impact on joints and mobility, and so it is important to ensure the right nutritional support to protect against potential injuries.

The day began with Solgar nutritionist Paul Chamberlain discussing his supplement and diet recommendations including the latest scientific research on new ingredients in bone and joint health. We also met with fitness expert and celebrity personal trainer, Laura Williams, who gave her top suggestions on the latest health and fitness trends that would be sweeping the nation in 2017.

Finally the session ended with a 30 minute yoga taster session with heavyweight bodybuilding champion turned yoga and fitness guru and creator of Broga, Matthew Miller including his unique view on taking the best tips from top athletes for today’s modern living.

Here are Paul Chamberlain’s top supplement recommendations for joint and bone health:

Solgar®7 (£25.99 for 30 capsules) Continas 7 natural ingredients, for a noticeable difference in 7 days. This once daily supplement can be used to target the occasional pains that occur from physical activity. It targets both structure & function of the joint, by supporting the collagen building blocks & sensitive joint cartilage, to strengthen & repair, whilst targeting joint inflammation & pain, to enable the natural range of motion & flexibility.

Solgar® Full Spectrum Curcumin (£27.50 for 30 tablets)  With 185 times greater bioavailability – meaning that our bodies can more easily absorb the benefits from the curcumin – this is one of the most advanced curcumin products on the market. Derived from turmeric, it is known for it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-microbial properties, which can help bring relief to joint pain & tenderness.

Solgar® Extra Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (£43.00 for 60 tablets).   Our joints are subject to daily wear & tear, so when you factor in physical activity too, they can be put under extreme stress – the solution, to keep them nourished in order to keep them healthy. While cartilage can protect our joints to a certain extent, chondrocytes (found within this supplement) can help repair damaged cartilage. Meanwhile the glucosamine ingredient helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which is a strong, fibrous protein matrix that forms the foundation of cartilage.

Solgar® Ultimate Bone Support (£22.99 for 120 tablets)  A supplement providing high levels of key minerals calcium & magnesium, in an organic with key ingredients to make the minerals easy to absorb & utilised within our bodies, to help towards strong, healthy bones.

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