Earlier in the month American heritage and lifestyle brand, Orvis, hosted an event at their London flagship store to celebrate 30 years on the British High Street. Having opened their first UK store in 1985 in Stockbridge, Orvis’s presence has steadily grown and now have 19 retail premises across the UK.

IMG_2417[Guests with the Turner Twins]

Joined by members of the lifestyle, luxury and fieldsports community as well as the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK, Game Wildlife and Conversation Trust, Guns on Pegs and Fishing for Forces, guests enjoyed canapés, whisky tastings from Chapman & Gorn and live bluegrass music performed by The Folly Brothers.

IMG_2337[The Folly Brothers]

Adrian Woolford, Managing Director at Orvis UK said of the event, “it was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our growing identity in the UK, but with a nod to Orvis’ American roots.”

He went on to say, “it was great to see such a wide range of people, from the Mongolian Ambassador, Tulga Narkhu, to Orvis’ brand representative, Marina Gibson, and intrepid explorers, the Turner Twins, who were all there to support Orvis and raise a glass to what the next 30 years will hold for us in the UK.”

Orvis (11B Regent St, London SW1Y 4LR)