Sisley’s redesigned treatment room offers a luxurious and indulgent escape in one of London’s most iconic and prestigious department stores.

Since opening its doors in 1849, Harrods has established itself as the luxury shopping destination of choice for people all over the world. With its reputation for excellence and providing only the finest-quality products and services, Harrods has remained one of the most distinguished names in the luxury industry. Located in the renowned Harrods Beauty Hall, Sisley’s new Treatment Room is the perfect place to step inside and immerse yourself in a truly indulgent experience.


Sisley, the French luxury skin care brand, is best known for its use of natural plant extracts and essential oils to create highly effective products of the best possible quality. Sisley applies its expertise in phytocosmetology to blend these powerful botanical extracts in an optimal combination, to achieve a perfect synergy of the active ingredients. The same concept is applied to all of Sisley’s treatments, resulting in relaxing and age-defying treatments with proven results.

The Harrods Treatment Menu caters to both men and women, with two indulgent facials to suit individual skin types and needs. The Essential Facial* nourishes and energises skin through a combination of specific lymphatic drainage massage techniques, Sisley’s exclusive phyto complex oils and plant based products. The facial incoorporates cocooning hot towels infused with essential oils and helps reduce the signs of ageing, while leaving skin glowing with renewed vitality. The essential treatment is the ultimate, besoke experience that will leave you feeling rejuvinated with an overall sense of well-being.

For men who need to relax, de-stress and unwind, Sisley offer The Essential Men’s Deep Cleanse Facial.* This treatment uses the award winning Sisleyum Anti-Ageing Skincare which helps to detoxify and eliminate impurities whilst providing a complete formula, combining trace elements and plant extracts for an all-round revitalizing anti-ageing action. Skin is left feeling smoothed, remineralised and hydrated.

*45 minutes £50 redeemable against 2 or more skin care purchases.

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