In ‘Anxiety Generation’ Stuart Semple focuses his language of sampled popular culture, intense imagery, song lyrics, direct humour and text towards a very defined agenda of playing the image world at its own game.

Promising to be every bit as poignant, potent and outspoken as any of his previous projects, and delivered in his trademark colour-fuelled style, the new collection utilizes adult themes of sex, violence and horror to make his point.

Through the series of large canvases he makes an attempt to describe our unique moment in history – a time where we are interconnected via technologies like never before, yet our physical, social ties appear to be weaker than ever. To the artist our individual atomisation and isolation is at an epidemic level. In short we are largely facing this fear alone.


But through his use of colours, words and slick stencilled graphic statements, Stuart Semple portrays a generation being hurtled at break-neck speed through a mass culture that keeps them suspended between two states. A repetitive cycle that sees, on the one hand, over-stimulation – the latest gossip, the news of the minute, celebrity wedding or fall from grace, which vanishes in a blink – and on the other what he describes as an unconscious coma state, induced by this incessant, flickering media-flow, which eventually leads to shut-down.

There is also a strong dialogue in these new works with the moving image and cinema. The artist argues that as movies become increasingly spectacular, and CGI more believable, with faster cuts for shorter attention spans, our capacity to read static images is lessened. He does not feel that the still image quenches our insatiable appetite for sensation in the same way it once did.


Stuart Semple: Anxiety Generation
13th November – 4th December 2014 /Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
Delahunty (First Floor, 21 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QD)