On Friday 7 October, Colnaghi CEOs Jorge Coll and Nicolas Cortes, hosted a VIP Party to launch their new gallery at 26 Bury Street in St. James’s.  The party was so well attended that there was a queue around the block, and there was talk of the event being one of the best parties during Frieze Week.  The event unveiled the new Colnaghi Gallery space, designed by Colnaghi Creative Director Diego Fortunato, and the new ‘Vanitas’ exhibition featuring around 30 paintings and sculptures from the 16th to 20th Centuries, related to the Vanitas theme.

Guests were entertained with catering from Spain, music from DJ Blonde Ambition, a living art installation in the gallery window created by Casilda Ybarra and styled by Robin Coates, with a model recreating iconic Vanitas paintings of Mary Magdalene.


[Dámaso Berenguer and Prince and Princess of Valsavoia. Courtesy of Colnaghi Gallery]

VIPs in attendance included;  Antoine de Nicolay, Lady Arabella Baring (Countess Nesselrode), Guiomar Fernandez-Castaño and Lady Daisy Fane, Antonia baroness von Weichs, Prince and Princess of Valsavoia,  Spanish Ambassador to the UK, Federico Trillo-Figueroa, and artist Eugenio Ampudia whose video installation was projected onto the Gallery’s library.  Other VIPs included performance artist Pandemonia, Actress Meredith Ostrum, artist Daisy de Villeneuve, and Basia & Richard Briggs OBE.


[Antonia baroness von Weichs. Courtesy of Colnaghi Gallery]

Jorge Coll, CEO of Colnaghi commented: “We are thrilled to be starting an exciting new chapter in the Colnaghi story with the opening of our gallery in Bury Street. The space has been designed and built as an exciting destination where we can present paintings and sculptures with a fresh approach, in a context suited to the 21st century, and where the library and art scholarship remain at the very centre of what we do. From this new home we’re looking forward to celebrating great art with a contemporary perspective, and continuing Colnaghi’s long and illustrious history of placing works of art in great museum and private collections.” 

The Vanitas exhibition runs until 4 November, 2016.