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Patek Philippe has started the countdown for the opening of the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London which will take place from May 27th to June 7th this year at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

First Wrist Watch Inv.P-49[1868 — First Patek Philippe Wristwatch]

The exhibition will celebrate Patek Philippe’s tradition of high-precision watch manufacturing, an insight into the company’s 175 year history as well as its heritage in the domain of haute horlogerie. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the world of the last privately family owned Geneva watch company from the inside.

The initial project was composed of 12 rooms distributed over two floors throughout the Gallery and now has evolved to more than 15 themed areas.

Visitors will have access to over 400 exceptional timepieces in a space of 2,200 sq. meters. New confirmed rooms are:

Movement collection[Movement Room]

Movement Room – Showcasing the entire movement current collection from our manufacture, this gallery allows you to experience a 360 degree view of some of the most intricate watch movements ever created.

175th Anniversary Area – Patek Philippe celebrates anniversaries by creating unique timepieces, our 175th anniversary was no exception. This area is designed to showcase the 175th commemorative collection launched in 2014 to celebrate our very special jubilee and integrates areas such as Commemorative Watches Collection room, Immersive experience into the Grandmaster Chime movement room and the Grandmaster Chime room.

The masterpiece from the collection and the most complicated wristwatch ever created by Patek Philippe will be exhibited in its own space.

Napolean Salon[Napoleon Room]

Napoleon Room
– Be transported to the magical Patek Philippe Salon on the Rue du Rhone, Geneva, you will be captivated by the incredible live view over Lake Geneva.

Interactive Room – This room will be an interactive learning centre and will include different features such as a library with different books from Patek Philippe, interactive technical and historical animations and ball chairs where people can sit and listen to the striking of Minute Repeaters.

Immersion room
[Immersion Room]

The Immersion room, the Film Theatre room, the Current Collection room, the Museum room, the Grand Complications Room and the Rare Handcrafts Gallery room are other areas that will be part of the Exhibition.

Film Theatre Room[Film Theatre room]

According to Mark Hearn, the Managing Director for Patek Philippe UK, the Exhibition will provide the public with general knowledge about watchmaking and also some remarkable information about the company:

“We are bringing so many historical timepieces to the Exhibition that visitors will be able to learn about horology generally, the history of watchmaking and also find out interesting information about this fascinating industry which is not only composed of watchmaking but also rare handcrafts techniques”.

Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London 2015
May 27th to June 7th
Saatchi Gallery (Duke of York’s HQ King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY)

The Exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, from 9:00 to 19:00 weekdays and Saturdays, and from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays.

No bookings or tickets are required. School trips are also part of the programme during the whole period the Exhibition is open, and the British School of Watchmaking will be part of that education programme.