Iconic British brand Turnbull & Asser has created a selection of exclusive accessories in collaboration with the world-renowned London-based tattoo artist, Mo Coppoletta. A shared nostalgic similarity and adoration of traditional design presented in a modern way is what brought Dean Gomilsek-Cole -Turnbull & Asser’s head of design – to meet Mr Coppoletta.

My approach to design is a rooted knowledge of the past, reinterpreted and translated to fit the contemporary world. Turnbull & Asser’s strong history, alongside its courage to move forward and embrace the new, meant an exciting opportunity to create something different.’ Mo Coppoletta.


[‘Furious Eagle’ pocket square in green]

Going from micro to macro, the collection is made up of one pocket square and one mega square design. Both Dean and Mo were keen to inject a sense of humour as ‘a man should never take himself too seriously’. Drawing inspiration from English heritage and its industrial landscapes and aesthetics, the pieces convey a sense of romanticism and reminiscence through a process of storytelling, much like witha tattoo or Turnbull & Asser seasonal collection.


[Sartorial Survival Mega Square]

The Furious Eagle pocket square hints at an industrial Britain. An intricate hand-drawn artwork, stimulated by wartime adverts, old bank notes and propaganda posters, reflects heavy British manual labour and craftsmanship while resilience is represented by a centralised eagle carrying shields symbolising Turnbull & Asser and The Rake.


[‘Furious Eagle’ pocket square in violet]

Inspired by antique Esmarch war-time bandages, the Sartorial Survival mega square is enthused with various, light-hearted illustrations depicting ways to use a bandage. At 140cmx140cm, it offers a remarkable canvas to celebrate British manufacturing and, of course, the artwork of Mr Coppoletta.


[‘Furious Eagle’ pocket square in blue]

Available from 27th October through therake.com,Turnbull & Asser stores and turnbullandasser.com, each piece is part of a limited run and will be presented in a numbered box to enhance the element of exclusivity.

‘Furious Eagle’ pocket square available in three colourways – £85

Sartorial Survival Mega Square – £295

Turnbull & Asser (71-72 Jermyn St, London SW1Y 6PF)