Invented in 1971 in St-Tropez, Vilebrequin swimsuits haven’t aged one bit. Case in point: in 2015, the house reedited the cut of the original model created by Fred Prysquel. To acknowledge the passing of time, prints from the past are being treated to create a vintage effect.


Available in June, this swimsuit will instantly (re)plunge you into the spirit of the 70s French Riviera. With its touch of nostalgia, it has been revisited to ensure all the comforts and modernity of 2015: flat waistband with a zamak snap closure embossed with the Vilebrequin name, a front flap pocket, polyamide fabric with cotton touch effect, and an extra-soft inside lining.

A reference point when it comes to swimsuits, Vilebrequin has cultivated elegance and fantasy for the past 40 years, staying true to the lighthearted charm and spirit of its origins in St-Tropez.

Vilebrequin swimsuits are durable and never go out of style. They stand the test of time, across generations of fathers and sons. As an ambassador of the art of living in the sun, Vilebrequin puts all of its savoir-faire and the excellence of its archives at the service of your vacations.

Vilebrequin (1-2 Burlington Arcade, London, W1J 0PA)