A cold winter light, a glimpse of a Seventeen Century  Palace surrounded by the beautiful English countryside, a young man driving a Morgan Three Wheels:  this is the start to a weekend spent with friends.

The video and the pictures only capture a few of the weekend’s best moments: a walk in the Blenheim Palace park, a ride through the fields, the joy of playing a little polo just for the fun of it. An atmosphere of total rest and recreation.

Main participant in the short movie polo player George Spencer Churchill;  together with him Charlotte Baer and George Meyrick.

The clip was shot in the beautiful and aristocratic Blenheim Palace, showcasing the beauty of a world based on values such as fair-play, sense of honor ( strong as a result also of being part of such an important family) and a great passion for the game of polo and horses.

The friendship that ties the three guys together with, how natural the all movements just came to them really comes through in the clip. The personal stories of George Spencer Churchill, Charlotte Baer and George Meyrick intertwines with the history of the United Kingdom, the history of the game of polo and last, but not least, the history of the Brand. A both unique and perfect combination to represent the values of La Martina.

_c1c9654Together with the aristocratic title and the property, George Spencer Churchill also inherited the passion for game of polo from his ancestor, so much so he has been a La Martina Ambassador since 2014. As an ambassador George has played in several tournaments sponsored by La Martina, one of them being the prestigious Jerudong Polo Trophy -a charity event- together with the princes of the United Kingdom William and Harry. Together with him often plays one of the most talented English polo players, George Meyrick.

_c1c9186In occasion of the shooting of the clip and the pictures for the press campaign, George Spencer Churchill opened the doors of his family home, the very same Blenheim Palace. This huge property represents both an artistic and architectural landmark in British history.  La Martina had access to the areas that are normally not open to the general public, to the stables and to the entirety of the property that spans across 2000 acres.

A privileged location that represents a piece of British history and the essence of its aristocracy, the values of cavalry and the distinctiveness of the sport of polo.

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